Electric Cleaning Brush Set

Discover the new cleaning with an Electric Cleaning Brush. This brush from CleanRite is your best friend and helps you clean different surfaces thoroughly and efficiently.

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What is an Electric Cleaning Brush?

The Electric Cleaning Brush features a powerful motor that does all the heavy lifting for you. Whether you want to remove stubborn dirt, limescale or grease, this brush will help you with everything. The different attachments make it easy to switch between different surfaces.

What can you use the Electric Cleaning Brush for?

No surface is too crazy for this Electric Cleaning Brush! Whether you want to clean your bathroom, kitchen, car or other areas, our Electric Cleaning Brush makes cleaning a lot more fun.

What brush heads are available for the Electric Cleaning Brush?

There is a different brush head for every different surface. With the Scrub Brush Head you can easily remove stubborn dirt on your cooker, oven or microwave. The Sponge Brush Head is slightly softer and therefore suitable for treating grease stains on your kitchen utensils, appliances, sinks, bathtubs or windows. Finished cleaning and want a perfect finish? The polishing cover is ideal for polishing and waxing different surfaces.

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