Household Cleaning Gloves

No cleaning kit in the house is complete without a sturdy pair of household gloves. They make cleaning easier, make you feel less hesitant to finally pull that pile of hair out of the shower drain, and keep your hands soft and fluffy with a nice layer of protection. Read more

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Why use household gloves?

Household gloves serve several purposes. The first is purely physical. When you are cleaning, it is usually not the cleanest job - as contradictory as that may sound. You are tackling the dirt in your house and in many cases you are using cleaning products that contain chemicals. Not the best friends of your hands. That's why it's a good idea to protect your hands with a good pair of gloves. Secondly, there is a mental aspect. If you can literally feel a layer of rubber or fabric between you and the dirt, the threshold is lower to actually tackle it thoroughly. Just think: picking those food scraps out of the sink is a daily struggle after cooking, let alone when you have to tackle the toilet with your bare hands. That's why household gloves are a good idea for several reasons.

What kind of gloves are there?

Good housekeeping gloves come in all shapes and sizes. You have disposable gloves that are thinner and often made of latex. You use these once and then throw them away. These types of gloves are suitable for the less thorough jobs. Do you want to make a long-term investment? Then it's a good idea to buy thicker, sturdy household gloves made of rubber, latex, nitrile or a mix with cotton or textile. These gloves are available in short versions, but also with a more comfortable long 'sleeve' that you can pull up to your elbow.

The best household gloves

At CleanRite, after extensive market research, we've chosen a household glove in the range that is both hygienic and effective, as well as comfortable. The gloves are made of rubber on the outside, which protects them from chemicals and corrosive substances. Inside, they have a cotton lining, which gives a soft feel to the skin of your hands. In addition, they have a non-slip tread for optimal grip.



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