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There are many types of floor squeegees. Will you choose the 'old fashioned' mop, the traditional mop or a spray floor wiper? CleanRite helps you to make your choice. Read more

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What kind of floor squeegee is best?

The best way to judge what kind of floor Wiper to choose is based on the material of your floor. If you are looking for a smaller mop or floor wiper, for example for a small toilet or bathroom with lots of tight corners or irregularities, a mop may be the best choice. The mop is flexible and moulds itself to the nooks and crannies in which you want to mop. For all other smooth floors, a floor wiper is actually the best choice. Good news then, because you can use a floor wiper with a microfibre cloth for all kinds of materials.

Which floor squeegee is best for PVC and laminate?

PVC and laminate are both smooth, strong materials. A floor squeegee with a microfibre cloth is best for this. Microfibre cloths do not leave a film on your floor. You can also work without leaving streaks and no lint or dirt is left behind. For how recognisable it is: you think you've finally finished and got the floor completely clean, only to find a few hours later, when the sun shines from a different angle, that you can actually start all over again. With a good floor wiper with microfibre cloth, this is not the case. Moreover, you can be sure that it will not damage your PVC or laminate floor.

What floor squeegees are there?

CleanRite has the innovative Spray floor wiper for you in its range. This is a wonderfully simple all-in-one floor wiper. Because the wiper has a special liquid reservoir in the handle, you don't need a bucket of suds! So you do not have to carry it around and you can just squeeze the handle every so often to spray a subtle amount of extra water. This floor wiper is suitable for all types of surfaces. The microfibre cloth can be washed out, so you also save money and the floor wiper is very durable!

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