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Cleaning is part of the job. And if you really put your mind to it, it can be therapeutic too. In any case, an electric cleaning brush can take a lot of physical work off your hands. CleanRite's Multi Scrubber is your best friend! Read more

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What is an electric cleaning brush?

CleanRite's electric Multi Scrubber Cleaning Brush is like any other cleaning brush, only it runs on batteries. The mechanism inside the brush drives the brush head, making it rotate and vibrate with brute force. So that means you don't have to do much at all. Simply place the brush head on the floor, sink, bathtub or table and the Multi Scrubber starts cleaning the surface for you. No more scrubbing until you sweat!

What can you clean with the Multi Scrubber?

The Multi Scrubber is - as the name suggests - multi-functional. You can do lots of things with it! This electric cleaning brush can be used to scrub just about any room in the house. Think of the bathroom, sinks, bathtub, bathroom floor and shower cabin. But the Multi Scrubber is also perfect for use in the kitchen. Scrub the sink, clean the oven and make sure the cooker shines. And the most surprising thing: you can also use the Multi Scrubber outdoors! Clean your bike, scrub the rims of your car or get the garden furniture ready for summer.

What brush heads are available for the Multi Scrubber?

The Multi Scrubber has a different brush head for every surface. For example, the conical brush head gets into the smallest holes and crevices. Great for those little nooks and crannies in the microwave, oven or fridge! The large brush head is perfect for polishing large surfaces. Think about hobs, ovens, tiles and flagstones. The Scrubbie brush is multifunctional. It cleans windowsills, hinges, grout and showerheads, as well as doorknobs and caulking edges. Finally, there is the soft brush head for delicate work. It cleans delicately painted surfaces or, for example, sensitive woodwork or glass tabletops.

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