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When cleaning floors and windows, it is best to have a good squeegee or mop with a decent handle. After all, no one will be happy scrubbing the floor like Cinderella with a hand brush. At CleanRite, we have a number of nice swabs and mops in our range.

What do you use squeegees and mops for?

Wipers and mops are the most obvious cleaning tools to clean floors and windows. Floors and windows often involve larger surfaces. These cannot be cleaned in a flash with a cloth, sponge or brush. Of course you can, but why should you when there are so many beautiful and handy products on the market that make your life easier? With a squeegee or mop that has a long handle or even a telescopic handle, you don't have to manoeuvre yourself into awkward positions to get large surfaces clean.

What kind of cloth do you use for your wiper or mop?

There are wipers and mops in all shapes and sizes. Each wiper or mop is suitable in combination with a different cloth. There are examples that allow you to clean with disposable cleaning cloths or mops that come with a kind of 'yellow cloths' that you can wash. CleanRite's squeegees and mops all include a microfibre cloth. The microfibre cloth is the all-rounder among the cleaning cloths. That is why it is ideal for a wiper or mop.

What kind of squeegee or mop is best?

Exactly what you need depends on the surface that you want to clean with the swab or mop. Before buying, it is wise to check how long the handle should be and what material you want to clean. Are you looking for a good squeegee for your attic windows? And do you need to be able to reach them from a long distance? Then make sure you buy a window squeegee with a microfibre cloth, with a telescopic handle that you can extend. Looking for a basic floor mop for all types of floors? Then a spray floor wiper will do.

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