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Cleaning windows: for some a wonderfully therapeutic chore, for others the greatest horror. One thing is certain: if you don't do it, in a year's time you won't know whether it's foggy outside or if you just can't see through the greasy fingerprints anymore. Therefore, don't skimp on a good window wiper! CleanRite is happy to advise you on this. Read more

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What is the easiest way to clean your windows?

If you want to clean the windows inside your house, you don't really have many problems. Just grab a window squeegee, possibly a cloth, and a big bucket of suds and you're good to go. Your only concern is to prevent drops from leaking down the window. That way, they can end up on your windowsill or floor, and you'll be saddling yourself with more work than necessary. But the real challenge comes when you want to clean the outside of your windows. On the ground floor, or if you have a balcony upstairs, this is not such a problem. If not, just stand there. The easiest way to do this is with a special window squeegee that is suitable for cleaning in difficult corners. A special telescopic handle can be rotated and locked at all kinds of angles, so that you can clean the windows at your leisure while you are nice and warm inside.

How do you wash windows without streaks?

A familiar frustration: when you have finally finished washing your windows, the sun shines on them and you see the most annoying stripes. You might as well not have done it at all! With a good window squeegee this is history. It is wise to choose a window squeegee with a microfibre cloth. This material is known for its ability to produce streak-free results. Another handy tip: add some dishwasher polish or a dash of vinegar to your cleaning product. Do you still have streaks? Then it helps to go over your windows with newspaper.

Which window wiper is best?

At CleanRite, we have an incredibly handy and effective window squeegee in our range. The window wiper has everything you need: a telescopic handle that you can click into a U-shape to clean the outside of the windows, a microfibre cloth that is machine washable, a head that can rotate up to 180 degrees and a long handle that can be extended to 190 centimetres.

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