Cleaning Textiles and Accessories

When it comes to cleaning your home, textiles are indispensable. Whether it's your Sunday cleaning outfit, the cloth used to wipe the sink or the hoover bag that contains textiles: cleaning textiles are everywhere and come in many forms. Read more

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Cleaning with textiles

When you think of textiles, you might first think of clothes, curtains or the cover of your sofa. Logical: it is more obvious to think of a beautiful dress, than to muse about a pair of bright yellow cleaning gloves. Nevertheless, cleaning textiles deserve to be put in the spotlight. Where would we be without the familiar yellow cloth in the kitchen? How do we get the plates dry again in the cupboard if we don't have a tea towel in the house? And how foggy would our glasses be if we didn't clean them every day with a cloth? The message is clear: without cleaning textiles, there is little to clean.

Tips and tricks with cleaning textiles

It may be a pick-up, but whatever cleaning textile you use, remember the following. It is always wise to work from the top down. There's nothing more annoying than mopping your floor, then dusting the cupboards and washing the windows. You can start all over again with the dirt you have worked your way down from the top. There is also a good tip to give about cleaning textiles themselves. After all, one cleaning textile is not like another and cheap is expensive. Therefore make sure that you invest in good material. Poor cleaning textile will quickly pill and leave lint and fibres behind on just-cleaned surfaces. You don't want that! So choose a microfibre cloth instead.

Effective cleaning with cleaning textiles

Before the big cleaning, find out about the right materials and the best cleaning textiles. Put on your gloves to prevent your hands from coming into contact with dirt or corrosive cleaning agents. Grab your microfibre cloth and get to work!


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