Feather Dusters

The feather duster: Who doesn't know it? This often colourful, cheerful cleaning tool is present in almost every household. As 'old-fashioned' as the feather duster is, it has more than proved its usefulness and convenience. Did you know that electric feather dusters also exist nowadays? Read more

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What is a feather duster?

A feather duster is - translated from the French - a feather duster. The synonyms from Dutch are more fun: plume brush, bunch, plume broom, or the simple 'pluim'. Fair is fair, the association with a feather is not far-fetched. The feather duster is a cheerful, fluffy cleaning accessory that does not look complex at first glance. It does what it is intended to do and it shows. The feather duster consists of a short handle made of plastic or another type of plastic. On top is a brush made of synthetic material, bird feathers, microfibre or even wool.

What are the advantages of a feather duster?

The material the brush is made of is selected to easily pick up dust. You do not have to make any effort: you just have to "stroke" a board with a feather duster and the brush will attract dust like a magnet. One of the biggest advantages is the shape of the feather duster. Where with a cloth it is impossible to get behind the radiator, let alone with a hoover, the feather duster is like a spaghetti wringer. It goes everywhere and is as flexible as a ballerina.

What is the advantage of an electric feather duster?

But you can go a step further, namely with an electric feather duster. This tool has all the features that you would expect from a feather duster, but more. Like a traditional feather duster, you work with a static brush head that picks up dust. But because it is electric, it spins automatically, so you don't have to! It also has a handy telescopic handle, so you can reach even that cobwebs that have been hanging in the top corner of the ceiling for months.

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