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Feel & Clean Right with CleanRight's sustainable Bathroom Cleaning Tabs! Thanks to these handy tabs, you save on water, packaging and transport. Cleaning your bathroom with CleanRight Cleaning Tablets therefore feels right for you, right for your wallet and right for the environment. Nice feeling, right? Read more
  • Contain no microplastics
  • Vegan and palm oil-free
  • With natural ingredients such as seaweed, grape and lemon
  • Each tablet is sufficient for 500 ml of water
  • With delicious grapefruit scent

Product description: Cleaning Tablets Bathroom

Clean bathroom and toilet areas with a good feeling with CleanRite's Bathroom Cleaning Tablets.

Cleaning with a good feeling

Effective cleaning with a good feeling, that's what we're all about. These Cleaning Tablets are the future of cleaning. Stop buying new bottles of cleaning product all the time, and go for tablets and a recycled bottle that you can use again and again. Not only will you then be doing something good for the earth, but also for yourself and your wallet!

Right for the environment

Using these Cleaning Tabs saves water, plastic and transport. There are no microplastics in our tablets, they are vegan and palm oil-free, thus reducing your CO2 footprint.

Right for your wallet

The savings on packaging and materials are also reflected in your wallet! And where other brands often have tablets of 8 grams for 750 ml of water, our strong tablets of 4 grams are enough for just 500 ml.

Right for you

Switching to Cleaning Tablets not only makes you feel good, it is simply practical too! For instance, you barely need any storage space in your cupboards, you no longer have to lift heavy bottles in your supermarket bag and the product lasts longer too. Ideal.

Natural ingredients

CleanRite's tablets are highly concentrated and weigh 4 grams. You will find natural ingredients in our bathroom cleaner tablets: think seaweed, grape and lemon.

In the pack

Cleaning Tablets Bathroom - 3-pack

  • 3x Cleaning Bathroom Tablets with a delicious grapefruit scent

Bathroom cleaning tablets - 9-pack

  • 9x Cleaning Bathroom Tablets with a delicious grapefruit scent

Product specifications

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Yes, with delicious grapefruit scent
Palm oil-free
Free of microplastics

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Cleaning Tablets Bathroom - 3-pack

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