Handheld Steam Cleaners

Stains on your beautiful white blouse? Dropped a glass of wine on your expensive carpet? Did your child put its greasy hands in the curtains? Forget scrubbing with cloths and sponges and get your handheld steam cleaner out right away! Read more

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Why use a handheld steam cleaner?

The use of steam: You'd be surprised. Steam is your best friend when dealing with the most stubborn stains. A handheld steam cleaner cleans all kinds of materials easily, without the use of chemicals. You can use it to clean all sorts of things: furniture, clothes, carpets, floors, windows, mattresses and much more. You fill the water tank with water and the handheld steam cleaner heats it up. Steam is created, and with this hot dry steam, dirt is loosened from the surface. In addition, bacteria are killed immediately: very pleasant when you want to clean your mattress periodically, for instance.

What can I use a handheld steam cleaner for?

You can use a handheld steam cleaner for all sorts of things. Do you have dining room chairs that are upholstered in fabric? Then clean them every so often with the handheld steam cleaner to get rid of stains and make the chairs bacteria-free. No need to take your clothes to the dry cleaner - just steam them yourself! Nasty corners, cracks and crevices in the bathroom or toilet can be cleaned within minutes with the handheld steam cleaner.

What attachments are there for the handheld steam cleaner?

At CleanRite, we have a handheld steam cleaner that meets all your requirements. This is because it is not just a basic hand steam cleaner. The package we offer contains no less than 10 different parts that make the hand steam cleaner multifunctional. There is a 180-degree rotating attachment, which is great for hard-to-reach areas. There is a fabric nozzle for smooth surfaces. Then there are 3 nozzles that you can put on the handheld steam cleaner for cleaning windows and doors. The nozzles are long, short, curved and flat. And finally, there are 2 brushes that you can use for removing stubborn stains.

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