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No matter how clean your house is or how tidy your life is: you can't keep dust out. It forms in all the corners, on all the shelves and between all the cracks in your house. So it's best to tackle it with a good quality dust cleaner. Read more

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How do you keep your house dust-free?

You can't keep your home completely dust-free. But you can make sure that you keep it clean and that the dust is kept to a minimum. This can be done by repeating several chores on a regular basis. Firstly, and this is not really a chore, it helps to put down doormats. This acts as a kind of filter for anything that might enter your home. Secondly, it is advisable to regularly clean the air vents in your home. This is a breeding ground for dust. In addition, don't underestimate the value of regular chores. Vacuum every week, dust the window sills, shelves and cupboards with a dustpan and, above all, dust the small items in your home regularly. It is precisely the small statues, candle holders and atmospheric lamps that catch a lot of dust.

What is dust and how does it get into your home?

Dust is a composition of all kinds of materials that enters your home in many different ways. First of all, it can be the tiniest particles that come off your clothes, for example, or the carpet on the floor, or the cushions on the sofa. In addition, don't be alarmed: your own dead skin flakes are also often part of the dust in your home. Do you have pets? Then you probably have more dust. Furthermore, dust can consist of particles from dead insects, natural materials from outside, fine dust and dust from cooking.

What kind of dust cleaners are there?

Dust can be easily removed with a traditional feather duster. The light construction of the feather duster allows you to remove dust quickly and effectively. A more rigorous approach is of course the hoover, and a third 'dry' way of dusting is by going over everything with a microfibre cloth. This material absorbs dust very well, without leaving any traces behind. Of course you can also use a wet cloth, but this is more suitable for smaller spots and spots with only a thin layer of dust.

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