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Cleaning: you can't make it more fun, you can make it easier! Investing in good quality cleaning brushes will prevent a lot of frustration. CleanRite has a number of beautiful cleaning brushes in its range.

What kind of cleaning brushes are there?

For every job there is a separate cleaning brush. You can make your collection as big or small as you like. The different types range from simple hand sweepers, brushes and scrubbing brushes to specific sink scrubbers, glass brushes and bottle brushes. Of course, it is not necessarily necessary to have such a detailed arsenal of cleaning utensils at home, but it is a good idea to buy quality. If you choose a good multi-purpose cleaning brush, you need one that will last. One that doesn't have weak or broken bristles after just one good scrubbing.

What do you use a cleaning brush for?

For absolutely everything! As mentioned above, you can buy a brush for every cleaning job. This also means that you can clean almost everything in the house with a brush. Except of course for the smaller and more delicate surfaces or objects, for which you would rather use a cloth or sponge. Cleaning brushes come in all shapes and sizes. They can be made of plastic, wood or rubber, and the bristles can be soft or hard, long or short, animal hair or rubber. Cleaning brushes are often ideal for scrubbing a surface really thoroughly.

Which cleaning brush should I choose?

It is best to test yourself with what kind of cleaning brush you like to work with. Do you use a lot of force or not so much, do you have small hands or big ones, what kind of jobs do you want to do with it? It is also good to know that, apart from 'normal' cleaning brushes, there are also electric cleaning brushes. These brushes are fully automatic and take a lot of work off your hands. No hard work, just put the brush in the spot you want to clean and the mechanism will do the rest!

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