Turbo Scrubber

Have you been bothered for months by the cobwebs in the topmost corner of your bedroom? Do you see dust accumulating on the highest kitchen cabinets that you can only reach by wobbling dangerously on a kitchen ladder? The Turbo Scrubber gets it done in minutes. Read more

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What is the Turbo Scrubber?

The Turbo Scrubber is an electric cleaning brush powerful 360° rotating brush. The brush has a handy telescopic handle. This is an extendable handle that can be adjusted into two positions. The first position is 60 centimetres long and the second no less than 110 centimetres long. This allows you to reach the most difficult-to-reach high spots. The Turbo Scrubber prevents you from having to perform dangerous antics. It also prevents pain in the arms, shoulders or neck due to long periods of staring upwards and twisting your arms to clean the ceiling.

What can I use the Turbo Scrubber for?

You can use the Turbo Scrubber to clean a wide variety of objects and surfaces. From high to low and into the most inaccessible corners. Think of the shower head, ceilings and walls. But the Turbo Scrubber can also be incredibly useful when you are working low to the ground. For example, you can use it to clean car rims, or to get into the craziest corners of cupboards or sinks. The Turbo Scrubber is battery operated and rotates with such a force that you won't have to do a lot of cleaning.

What brush heads are available for the Turbo Scrubber?

There are several convenient brush heads available for the Turbo Scrubber. Firstly, there is the dome-shaped brush head, which is suitable for all cleaning jobs. It allows you to clean any surface with ease and clean in all corners. The flat brush head is perfect for smooth, flat surfaces. And finally, the corner brush head: it allows you to clean in all corners and joints.

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